TAs part of the AHF Silver Jubilee year activities, The Federation is proud to launch the 5th edition of the Gold Initiative Certificate under the theme of “Patient Safety Champion.”
The Gold Initiative Certificate represents a prestigious recognition to honor organizations and staff and celebrate their pursuit to excellence in patient safety within healthcare institutions across the Arab world. This initiative underscores our commitment to promoting and advancing the highest standards of patient care and safety within the Arab healthcare sector
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Testimonials from Winners

The way you make people feel is your reputation ... and this is translated through testimonials from different
Healthcare bodies that supported the initiative and took part...


The Executive Circle is an elite platform where Top Healthcare executives from around the Arab Countries can share information and best practices, participate in discussions, network, learn, educate and address challenges with their peers.
In this Circle, Healthcare executives have access to a professional environment to debate issues of mutual interest and significance, as well to exchange problems & Challenges with like-minded individuals committed to raise the bar of healthcare standards in their countries.
This platform is by invitation only and offers one-of-a-kind networking opportunities with renowned healthcare executives.
The participation in this AHF Executive Circle is limited to CEOs, Healthcare executives, and leaders of Arab Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations and bodies…
Its members share the values of the Arab Hospitals Federation that revolve around Commitment to community, Professional Ethics, Quality and Excellence, Teamwork, and Transparency.
The AHF Executive Circle offers the opportunity of face-to-face meetings, as well as virtually according to pre-planned meetings set by the AJHF Secretariat.
The Circle Dates will be announced here…
  • 1
    Raise a culture of success
  • 2
    Develop effective teams
  • 3
    Participate in strategic planning
  • 4
    Improve the quality of care
  • 5
    Open dialogue to face CEOs common challenges
The Arab Hospitals Federation aims to support and promote Future Healthcare Leaders through our platform for Future Leadership and Risk Governance.
The future healthcare leaders Generation regroups exceptional young Healthcare professionals and shares a commitment to:
• Learn from experts how to improve their management and leadership skills, and learn from experts about the latest innovations in healthcare.
• Address current trends, urgent challenges, and opportunities in healthcare
• Seek innovative solutions for more healthcare services in the context of affordability and equality
• Engage in national, regional, and global healthcare activities and events
• Deliver innovative projects in support of the Arab Health Community
This platform is one of the key ways in which the AHF helps build capabilities to accelerate successful health transition.
Future healthcare Leaders are set to be an integral part of the AHF community. They work side-by-side with the region’s most experienced hands, brightest minds, and biggest hearts to forge new shared understanding and sustain new and more effective cooperation in this current era of healthcare delivery.
Future healthcare Leaders further their experience, knowledge and skills and actively contribute to the AHF wide-ranging program of activities. As part of our global healthcare community they are invited to participate and engage in national, regional, and global conversations.
Through their engagement, participants have the unique opportunity to build sustainable relationships with like-minded, equally motivated peers, healthcare experts and senior health leaders and expand their professional network.
This provides wide-ranging opportunities for Future Healthcare Leaders according to their personal areas of interest, while ensuring there is a clear focus on work that delivers practical and interactive outputs in line with the AHF mission and vision.