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Who Are We?

The Arab Hospitals Federation is
an independent, non-political and
non-profit organization that represents...

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Mission, Vision & Value

The AHF envisions an Arab world
with healthy communities,
well-managed Hospitals, and ...

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Our Priorities

Arab Hospitals Federation
has strategized 5 key priorities that
underpin our goal of advancing health ...

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AHF Message

Following a one in a century pandemic, The Arab Healthcare industry has been evolving & advancing at such a high level marked by Navigating the New Normal where Healthcare institutions where obliged to adopt transformational strategies and innovative approaches for achieving sustainability while delivering greater value….
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Leadership Team

Leadership is not a position or a title, It is action and example ...

AHF Progress Structure

The role of the Different AHF Divisions is crucial in issuing policies, initiatives , declarations and
strategies, as well in enhancing the culture of Excellence in the Arab Healthcare sector....
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