The Arab Healthcare Development Annual Forum (AHDAF) is the 23rd annual forum of the Arab Hospitals Federation that will take place on 14-15 April 2020 at Salwa Sabah Al Ahmad Theater and Hall- Kuwait with the support of the Arab Ministries of Health, World Health Organization – WHO, Kuwait Private Hospital Federation and many Arab Healthcare organizations.
AHDAF is totally committed to keeping hospital managers, clinicians and healthcare leaders and medical doctors updated on worldwide healthcare management thinking and experience while creating an ideal platform for unlimited networking opportunities between the various stakeholders in the Arab healthcare sector.
Its mission is to help hospital managers improve and succeed.
The conference updates delegates on best hospital management systems and practices in the industry. It is a teaching, learning and networking convention.
Alongside the conference, there is always an expo located within the event itself and acts as a meeting place of sponsors, delegates, speakers, healthcare associations and solutions suppliers.


The AHF approaches its tasks with professionalism, integrity and transparency. It always works in consultation with its stakeholders – delegates, partners, associations, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and staff.
The theme discussed this year will be “Imagine Healthcare in 2030”. Imagining healthcare in 2030 critically needs an open conversation with all stakeholders about their expectations, their own interactions with health and care services and how moving towards better health outcomes for all requires change in order to face the challenges and grab the opportunities.
As we look to 2030, everyone engaged in healthcare is dedicated to build a system that consistently delivers quality care, improves health outcomes and delivers better value, especially in the Arab Healthcare sector.
The vision 2030 of Healthcare in Arab countries presents major opportunities and challenges that guide the system to work towards sustainable Healthcare, to support the transformation, to engage patients to take an active & central role in their own care, to integrate advanced technology and Innovation, in addition to shifting towards value in healthcare delivery…
Healthcare delivery will change in 2030 from what we experience today. The program will discuss a number of factors for this— workforce skills and roles, digital technologies, Intelligent Healthcare, new trends in Healthcare management, the future patient, developing the Health insurance and building a new generation to implement the accreditation standards and others…

Building on the success of the previous edition “AHDAF” includes 2 days conference sessions with highly selected presentations from all over the world, including interventions by renowned experts & speakers. The forum has been reshaped to offer more valuable content through plenary lectures, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions in addition to the unlimited opportunities available on the exhibition level.