The Arab Hospitals Federation is an independent, non-political and non-profit organization that represents and serves Arab public and private hospitals, medical centers, institutions and organizations directly connected with the provision of Healthcare. Nearly 500 members from 22 Arab countries come together to form AHF.
Founded in 2002, AHF constitutes an ideal platform to exchange ideas, policies and services in the Healthcare Management as well it provides education for health care leaders and is a source of information on health care issues and trends.
The AHF maintains an official relation with various organisms Arab Ministries of Health, League of Arab States, World Health Organization, Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council, Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for Cooperation Council States, Arab League for Healthcare Quality, Syndicates and Associations of Hospitals in Arab Countries, Orders of Nurses in Arab Countries and Arab Medical Societies.
The Arab Hospitals Federation has acquired the title of Supervising Member in the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League.


The AHF vision is an Arab world of healthy communities served by high managed hospitals and excellent health services where all individuals reach their highest potential for health.


The mission of the Arab Hospitals Federation consists of:
• Contributing to better health for all Arab citizens through the advancement of appropriate and properly-managed healthcare organizations and facilities
• Enhancing the performance of health care organizations through training programs
• Contributing to the development of effective healthcare management
• Offering a platform for exchange of experience, knowledge and technology among the Arab community of healthcare organizations and management professionals
• Acting as representative of its Members in the dialogue with other global organizations.


After reviewing the recommendations issued over all the previous years, the AHF  advisory board summarized the different issues included and prioritized them to form the AHF strategic plan and execute them
1. Activation of the Arab Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions, Updating the standards and setting a structure for marketing and adoption of these Standards and Encouraging the application of the Arab standards for the Quality of Healthcare institutions through working with the Arab Ministries of Health and the League of Arab States.
2. Creating a specialized training program for Healthcare professionals in various fields.
3. Boosting Health Tourism between the Arab countries to guarantee high level medical treatment for Arab patients
4. Gathering database of the healthcare institutions in  the Arab countries and the health services provided in order to issue a new edition of the Arab Hospitals Index
5. Signing Cooperation agreement between the federation & regional & international federations and bodies related to the Health & Medical fields
6.Encouraging non-affiliated institutions to be members in the federation